Rat Abatement

About Rats
Rats are one of the most harmful rodents in the United States. The most common rat found in the United States is the Norway rat (“Rattus Norvegius”), also called brown or sewer rat. The Norway rat can reach up to 16” in length and usually weighs between 12-16 ounces.

According to the U.S. Department of the Interior:Rat
• Rats carry more than 40 harmful to human diseases such as rabies, rat bite fever, salmonella and typhus.
• Rat bites are reported at a rate of over 14,000 per year in the United States. These are just the reported bites.
• Rats cause almost 1 billion dollars of property damage every year in the United States.
• Rats are the cause of approximately 25% of all structural fires in the United States every year due to chewing on electrical wires.

Rats are most active at night and are most commonly found in areas where food sources, water and shelter are in abundance. They are often seen in basements, alleyways and in dumpster areas.
[Include link to video: rats at taco bell/kfc in NYC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvLDFtaL5HI] (review the video for swear words and annotate who posted video. CK: I listened to the video and did not hear profanity. The video has CNN in the corner but it was posted to YouTube by “mattaslivingroom”)

Potomac Canine provides a green, effective service to help you control and eliminate rats on your property using our specially trained dogs. Prior to modern day rat control methods, such as traps and rodenticide, dogs were used to control the overpopulation of rats.

If not administered by a knowledgeable pest control company, the use of rodenticides may harm non-targeted animals such as pets and wildlife. The use of our dogs can substantially reduce this risk and is an effective tool when used as part of your integrated pest management program.

Potomac Canine is the area’s largest canine service company that is licensed and insured to provide you with innovative, discreet and humane rat abatement services.

Potomac Canine is a member of the National Wildlife Control Operator Association (www.nwcoa.com). NWCOA is active in the training and education of members in the wildlife damage management industry.

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