Our Dogs

All of our dogs are extensively socialized and friendly. While finding bed bugs is their primary objective, that is not the only criteria we look for when getting our dogs.

Our dogs are trained to alert on live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. They will not alert on dead bed bugs, cast skins or fecal matter. This means we can come in and do an inspection after a treatment (while still under warranty) and let you know if the treatment was effective.

All of our canine teams are certified annually by an independent canine scent-detection certification association. (DO WE WANT TO ELABORATE ON THE TESTING/CERTIFICATION?)

Bed Bug Dogs
Our dogs are only trained to alert on bed bugs. They are not cross-trained to alert on any pest or odor.

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Rat Abatement Dogs
We utilize a breed called Patterdale Terriers from the U.K. due to their great work ethic and obedient, controllable and focused demeanor. Patterdales are bred specifically for vermin control.

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Bed Bug AND Rat Abatement Dogs

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