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Bed bugs are being detected in office buildings, assisted living facilities, libraries, hotels, embassies, college dorms, multifamily dwellings, movie theatres, retail stores and private homes. The resurgence is related to a ban on certain pesticides, the increased ease of international travel and the exchange of second-hand furniture and clothing.

Our certified, trained canine teams have been proven to be an effective early detection tool, which saves you time, money and your business reputation! We offer a discreet, confidential service to help you protect your reputation. Use of our services may also lower your potential liability in the event of litigation with a customer, tenant or employee, by demonstrating a proactive effort to prevent a bed bug issue.

Why use a Bed Bug Dog?
A dog’s sense of smell is over 10,000 times keener than that of a human. Imagine walking into a bakery and you smell the bread baking. A dog walks into the bakery and smells the individual ingredients: flour, yeast, salt. This amazing sense of smell allows a trained dog to detect be bugs with a much higher degree of accuracy than even a trained inspector could ever hope for.

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A properly trained and experienced canine detection team has been proven to be highly accurate in detecting even the smallest bed bug, which can be nearly colorless and about the size of a speck of dirt. Studies have shown that a visual-only inspection to be about 25% accurate. Because a properly trained and maintained canine inspection team is over 3 times more likely to detect a bed bug, you can eradicate the problem early, before it spreads throughout your business or home. Canine teams are also environmentally friendly by reducing the areas in your office, hotel room or home that need to be treated with pesticides.

Be Informed!
Below are some questions that should be asked before entering into a contract with a canine bed bug detection company. The answers to these questions will assist you in thoroughly understanding the services being provided.
Q: Are your dog teams certified? If so, by whom? Can you provide documentation?
Q: Is your company licensed as required in D.C. and Maryland?
Q: Does your company carry liability insurance and workman’s compensation? Can you provide a copy of certificate of insurance (COI)?
Q: What is included in the inspection?
Q: What is performed during the visit?
…..- How does the team inspect the facility?
…..- How are alerted areas visually inspected?
…..- What type of documentation is provided to the client? When is the documentation provided?
Q: If the canine detection service is provided by a pest control company, can you contract with a different pest control company if eradication treatments are required?
Q: If you do choose to use a different pest control company, does the price of the canine inspection change?

Potomac Canine provides only detection services. As we do not provide extermination services, this allows us to provide an unbiased service to our customers. OUR MISSION IS TO KEEP YOUR LIFE BED BUG FREE!

Our Service Offering
Regularly scheduled maintenance program: We can tailor an inspection program to meet your organization’s specific needs. We can conduct scheduled inspections on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Nights and weekend inspections are available. We also provide 24×7 emergency services for an additional fee.

Seasonal or event based inspections: We can conduct inspection services of your school, office, hotel or home for occasions such as when your students are leaving the dorms for the summer. If your hotel, office or assisted living facility has a reported or suspected bed bug incident, give us a call and we will do an inspection of the area in question as well as the adjoining areas.

Residential inspections: Give us a call to conduct an inspection if you are buying a new home, if you or a household member travels, or if you have a family member coming home from college or the military.

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